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"David Sossa took us “around the world” with a program that spanned several centuries, continents and styles. He performed entirely from memory and delighted our audience not only with the beauty and variety of his playing, but also with his entertaining remarks about the music. As a surprise to cap our wonderful afternoon, he invited his wife, Maria Alejandra Velásquez, a lovely soprano, to join him for his last number. We will look forward to hearing more from both of these fine young performers."


Ann Mendenhall           

Artistic Director, Chemainus Classical Concerts              


"David Sossa is a wonderfully sensitive musician passionate about sharing his music and communicating through his instrument. I look very forward to his development and contributions to the guitar community in the coming years."


Shayne Gray

Toronto Guitar Society Orchestra Conductor, 2010-2012

"David was in my house and told me about his plan of studying overseas and played some colombian music for me.
When I listened to him I knew he would be a great ambassador of our music in the world."


Gentil Montaña

Colombian Guitarist and Composer

"David Sossa is a passionate, engaging and talented young classical  guitarist with a charismatic stage presence.  

This is an expressive young artist whose playing touches and moves his listeners."


Daniel Bolshoy

International Recognized Classical Guitarist

"An example of how well urban pop music should be played."


Raúl Escobar Guevara

Rector at Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Quito

"It was a pleasure to have David Sossa join the Ambassadors as a solo player. He presented a beautiful program, came with interesting things to say to introduce his music, and showed the calm confidence that puts an audience at ease to enjoy the music. It was a boost to his colleagues to see someone who is part of their student cohort, but just that much more mature, in action."


Health Arts Society Canada

"David is a fine musician. He is a refined and sensitive guitar player with considerable knowledge of its repertoire and traditions. Resourceful, generous, and engaging, he brings a wide range of talents to his professional endeavours."


Trevor Tunnacliffe (Unthunk)


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